Carroll's 55th Street


Mitch Get's New Songs for Hanukkah

It was the first day of Hanukkah and Lee brought his mother's menorah to the jam, which we desecrated, to celebrate the miracle of the lights. He also brought over a nice Pinot Noir to help with the celebration.

Somehow we ended up on a theme for the night of songs Mitch hasn't played since he started playing regularly with us again. The Althea, Looks Like Rain, You Win Again, Cold Rain, Stella Blue were all part of that thought pattern. We had 16 songs, a few clunkers like the Stella Blue that crashed during the jam. Maybe Minglewood Blues felt like my highlight.

Coming off a cold from the week before I was worried about singing all the songs and coughing and choking, so I seemed to be a bit preoccupied and was having trouble all night getting my bearings. There weren't too many songs that I felt very comfortable playing, but as usual, the recording does seem better than the realty at the time. Take that for what ever it is worth. Maybe it was the seldom played Japanese Pawn Shop Stratocaster that caught me off guard. At least Kevin and I were in harmony as we both got the memo to wear teal-colored shirts.

Freak Out!