Carroll's 55th Street


Trouble Ahead and Trouble Behind You Might As Well Look Forward

While we played the same songs as we did the week before in preparation for the Stu memorial gig in Springfield, NJ on 7-15, we felt worlds ahead. Kevin was back from his near religious experience at the Dead and Co. show in Colorado over the week end. He also was back to playing, for the second week, he new Rickenbacker, but this time without the chastity belt over the pickup. Lee had last week under his belt and was drumming I=n a much more relaxed mode. It must have been the submarine sandwich. Rich was freaky as usual but playing the things he plays. Was there with a new Quilter 22 watt solid state pedalboard amp (Superblock US) plugged into the Twin's speakers and it was able to compete with Kevin's two set of amps and his audacious playing. I was impressed with its abilities and comfortable playing it with my Tele, making for a nice sounding tone on my part. I was pushing it almost to it's limits but it held up.

From the first note, warming up on Music Never Stopped we sounded so much better than last week. The tuning issues were all gone and the tone of all the instruments and blend of the band was much better.

I incorporated newly worked on guitar parts in Music Never Stopped, Deal, How Sweet It Is, Friend of the Devil and of songs which I practiced a lot over the last week and it helped us as a band. The repetitive nature of the setlist also eventually has to give us a bit more confidence in what we are playing. Speaking o which we may have a large gathering of Deadstein musicians next week, let's hope for the best, looking forward.

Freak Out!