Carroll's 55th Street


No Kerfuffle During the Long Liturgical Sections of the Night

Kevin was back with his Ibanez bass which he outfitted with new strings right before the jam. It probably lead to the out-of-tune sound we had through several of the first songs, but we pushed through like we do. Rich was back with us which was nice and Lee was on the drums, solo, stage left. Margery was there for the first few songs supporting the team. The setlist was to work on some of the songs were are preparing to do at Stu's memorial gig on July 15 in Springfield, NJ.

I was definitely having trouble with the intonation issues through the night, so the music never really felt that comfortable. Hopefully we iron that out in the coming weeks as Kevin's is working on his bass arsenal. Like Kevin, I'm still futzing with my own arsenal. Until we futz again.

Freak Out!