Smash Studios A


A shortened night with Terez in Studio A at Smash.

It was no ones birthday and Kevin was free to come up with his own setlist for the first time in what seems to be months.  Stu was our only guest and Terez joined us up until about 10:00 p.m.  I was late getting in, the GW Bridge was closed causing Rippling traffic jams throught the area, and we were late to get started as a band before us was late to get out of Studio A in Smash Studios.   This worked out okay in the fact it only cost us $14 per person for the night which is a bargain by Deadstein standards.  IN addition Kevin was able to show us his new snapple bottle that he exquisitly turned into a SPOC intensifier.  Pretty cool, bubbling stuff.  Looking at the list, we didn't get too many songs in and probably the lowest ratio of setlst to actually played songs ever. 

Hey, Rich seems to think it was great, i didn't feel as positive but the disk will be the real test for no matter how much better I can make it sound, I can't make dog food from dog shit.

Till next Thursday.