Carroll's 55th Street


Coffee Boy Joins Us as The Pandemic Lingers On

With a few whiffs of Covid still popping up here and there, we were being careful and had Mitch (Coffee Boy) fill in on drums for the night. It's funny that we are all pretty quiet in Deadstein, and being together so long makes us ever a bit more subdued. All of a sudden you bring in a freshly brewed Coffee Boy into the mix and boy does, he have a lot to say talking and in drums. It is certainly a different dynamic with him in the room and he took us for a ride. He hasn't played with us for quite a while, yet practice a lot a home during the pandemic so he was set to go and ended up calling most of the songs for the night which was both interesting and refreshing.

Opening up with Althea, while not a rocker, threw us into the pool head first. I was playing my Les Paul into the Fender Twin Reverb and it exhibited a nice forward tone, one which could compete with both Kevin and Mitch who was immediate adjacent to me. Being right next to Mitch was cool because he plays with authority and he is precise in his landing on his fills. It kept it nice a tight throughout the night. On a funny note, Lee kept calling for Promised Land all night and thought I was blowing it off, but it was never the right moment until the last song of the night when it happened to e just the right moment. Kevin was also commenting on how good the That's What Love WillMake You Do was, some of the interchanges between he and I. I haven't had too much of an opportunity to play the Les Paul with Deadstein and this week felt pretty good.

Freak Out!