Smash Studios A


Scott and Bill substitute for the missing as Andy the newlywed returns to Smash Studio.

It was the jam following Andy's marriage to Cathy (sp? what do you want from me, at least I mention it) so a Freak congratulations on that.  Brotpen was at his annual "Flea the Terrorism Trek" out to Montauk so fortunately he could have stayed home this year but Bill sat in his place instead.  Finally, Dave is in his own world so Scott graced us with his presence so we had a good night.  Stu showed up to enjoy the first 4 songs and brought 2 guests, Sarah and some guy whoim I forget.  Hey I remembered Sarah and Ken, I mean Stu.   Whatever.

Considering there was lots of traffic and I didn't get into Studio A until 7:30, it was amazing I was ready to play and tape by 8:05.   This facilitated and almost complete setlist plus a couple of additional songs.   Seventeen for the night and the hearing of th taping sound great!  Look forward to a couple of great CDs.  By the way, Scott also videoed.

I'd love to sit hear and chat about it all, cause it was good.   I have some time to work on the CD, so there I go, just don't anyone leave the band for it, please.  There are plenty other reasons for that.

Till next Tuesday.