Carroll's 55th Street


Larry G on Keys for First Set GarBand with Andy

This was definitely a weird week. Rich and Rennie were both not available. This left a core group including Scott and Lee on drums and Andy on guitar for the first set. I took the opportunity to make us play essentially a Jerry Garcia Band leaving a lot of pressure on Andy to carry the load of singing and playing all leads and leading the band. We had a few, if not many hiccups through the way but I had a blast on the keys and in the end, the jams were good. I finally figured out how to work my volume pedal by the almost end of the first set, but that was a big help in making the instrument much easier to fit in with the band, letting me play both hands instead of using my left hand exclusively for the volume slider. Scott commented on how our Get Out of My Life had our best feeling to date. I had a rough go of the start of Let It Rock to open the night as I was getting acclimated to playing keys, hitting clunker after clunker, but after the first song I felt much more comfortable. As we were just getting really good, Andy finished the set with a rockin' Tangled Up In Blue and he was out of there.

I picked up my Rags the Guitar for the second set and was faced with a tiny band without keys our other accompaniment. The show must go one and so it did with a Playing, Uncle Johns China Doll. Some pretty good stuff in there, some noodling but a nice trip through some musical universes. We got a Louie Louie going for a super rare attempt, and it ended up being lots of fun. Lee called the You Never Cann Tell, as he won't be with us for a couple of weeks, so it was a drummers choice and the super rockin' Rhapsody in Red ended the night. We could let the night go so unnoticed so I had to close the truck on my head just as we closing up on 54th Street. I still have a bit of a head ache and bump from that 7 days later asI came very close to splitting my head open. I was close.

Freak Out!