Carroll's 55th Street


Friday Night Four-Man Jam in the City

Due the the getting back to a new reality in response to the pandemic, Broadway is trying to get back into action which means Carroll's is brimming with business as everyone is trying to get their pre-covid chops back. What this means for Deadstein is a shortage of Studio time as we are having trouble finding slots in Carroll's schedule for us. This meant we missed the previous week and this week was relegated to Friday. If it is Friday, Friday it will be and we got just four of us who were able to make it. Drew was our only drummer drummer for the night as he joined the svelte band which additionally included Rich, Kevin and I. While it wouldn't be the cheapest night, the rewards for making it all work so well with just the four of us made it so worthwhile. We played lots of music and didn't let the skeletal crew get us down in any way.

With all of this positivity stated, we started with a staple of ours, Jack Straw but that had a little difficulty associated with it putting a little fear into us that we had to step up to perform. No big deal cause we did so. The It Takes A Lot To Laugh was meant on get us the right track to a Train To Cry. It wasn't until the Victim That we seemed to truly catch our wave to propel us through out the night. Troubling songs I thought were the Dire Wolf and the Viola Lee, but Jed,Peggy-O and Dark Hollow all seemed quite good. In the end the Wharf Rat was the most epic song of the night , feeling like it never wanted to quit but it just wanted to go into Dark Star. The Dark Star was not to be but it was there in spirit and the Sugar Magnolia was a much better way for us to close this segment of the night. I rarely sing Box of Rain and felt horrible about my effort on it. Un fortunately and for some unknown reason, the Youtube hits on the Box of Rain are substantially more than any other song and I don't know why and wish it wasn't so. Some how we ended with Hell In a Bucket in this 4-man rendition, and it was surprisingly robust with me pulling off all the vocals and guitar work. By the end of the night, I felt very good about the music we made and it ended up being a really good jam.

Freak Out!