Smash Studios A


Coffee-Boy drums while Dave sings in Smash Studio A.

It was a night in Smash Studio A.  Another Monday night which is weird cause you get a free hour with every 2 hours you book, but we have to pay for 4 hours anyway in order to secure the 7-11 slot, yet we get to use the studio from 5 to 11 which we cannot use and we get 6-7 for setup free anyway, most of the time.  Terez was back in Minneapolis so Dave wrestled the vocal reins like Sammy Davis Junior, leaving the drumming duties up to Coffee Boy.  Nice job on the drums and thanks as always for the Kilo of Java, you know how to keep a producer producing.  

Guest for the evening include Ken, Stu and Sarah Doctor in the House.  It was super hot in the room until someone turned on the air.  Got a recording of the night.  Lets see how it sounds.  I tried out my new Rode NT-4 Stereo X-Y configuration mic on the drum overheads.  First high, then low then just right.

The following pictorial from the MCMUA's Christmas season was published at the insistence of Penny Jones, an honorary Deadstein member  (see the member's page).  Notice my Jerry doll "Poised for Flight" on the MCMUA's left wing's Christmas Tree.  Looks like Jerry's Christmas Tree is looking for a nice little Chanukah Bush.  Soon to follow are quick pictures of Penny eating my sausage that I ordered at the Portuguese restaurant we went to for the  office's Christmas luncheon. It looks like when Penny is hungry she can devourer a lot of sausage.  Next time she's at Deadstein, maybe someone should offer her a salami.

For reference this was the recording setup. - Let not forget Mitch's Mini-Disk.

  1. Rich Vocal
  2. Dave Vocal
  3. Larry Vocal
  4. Andy Vocal
  5. Larry Guitar - SM57
  6. Andy Guitar - SM57
  7. Keys
  8. N/A
  9. Bass - Sennheiser 421
  10. Kick - AKG D112
  11. Snare - SM57
  12. Floor Tom - AKG Clip on
  13. Drum Overhead/Tom (Left) - Rode NT-4
  14. Drum Overhead/Tom (Right) - Rode NT-4

I met Kev for a great C5 at the Chinese/Mexican place and boy was it good.  Till next Monday at Smash Studios A