Smash Studios A


Jam 50 of the year in Smash Studios A. Core-5 Deadstein Round-Robin

It was a night in Smash Studio A.  I played out of the New VHT Amp.  Trister had his new trunk to carry his pedals.  I got a tape in and we did a Round Robin in song selection for this night.  Kevin's been on vacation for the holiday season and therefore him and his big Cadillac didn't get a setlist together.  I like the round robin.  There were no guests and we took a nice sized break between sets that felt pretty good.  It was a long draining 2002 for Deadstein and we came out with 50 shows for the year which is quite a feat in perseverance.

For reference this was the recording setup.

  1. Rich Vocal
  2. Trister Vocal
  3. Larry Vocal
  4. Dave Vocal
  5. Keyboard
  6. N/A
  7. Trister - SM57
  8. Gindoff - SM57
  9. Bass - Sennheiser 421
  10. Kick - AKG D112
  11. Snare - Neumann KM184
  12. Drum Overhead/Tom (Left) - Rode NT-4
  13. Drum Overhead/Tom (Right) - Rode NT-4
  14. Floor Tom - AKG Clip On

Till next Thursday and next year at Smash Studios R