Carroll's 55th Street


Core Four Challenges Us To Perform and It Was a Challenge

This week was Core-4 with Lee on drums and the night was challenging, not due to Lee cause, he kept it going for us. Kevin had to start the night with a distracting "nothing-bender" on the road which got him late to the jam and in a rush when he arrived. I can't say we ever recovered from the feeling all night as things we a bit harried with collisions all over. It doesn't mean that there wasn't good music because in between the "Nothing-benders" and collisions as there was free flowing good sounding music surrounding it all.

I had my Tele with me this week playing out of a Twin and I think we/me had trouble most of the night with balancing our/my volumes. Kevin had to screw his cabinet together that he probably vibrated apart and that was a big help. The twin/tele combination itself is a might beast to tame. In the end the recordings sounds much more enjoyable than the playing felt. I was mistake ridden throughout the night and had little fluidity in my leads but it's making it through the tough nights where you learn more than flowing through the easy ones. In any case, better than I would have been months ago in the same situation. Tele sounds real and so do my choices. Once again, with all this said, the recording has pop and excitement and good rhythm. It wasn't lethargy that hurts this week's music, but mistakes of the "typo" quality, so at least there is quality music underlying it all. Should have the mighty hexagonal-core back for next week, so strap on the painted mandolin once again and play Ruby a different tune. That's right, new and improved write-up for the Reuben and Cherise was introduced this week.

Freak Out