Carroll's 55th Street


Playing from Telluride 8-15-87 30 years ago

As Scott was soaking up the sun down at the Jersey Shore, Deadstein had to march on to the beat of its other drummer, Lee. It was a good solo night for him and us as we embarked upon playing the Telluride 8-15-1987 show. I threw couple of substitutes in to adjust for recently played songs. As such, we did the Cumberland Mexicali from Red Rocks a few days before. This happened to be very good and moving. Our transition between the two, with a change in keys, in many respects was better than the Grateful Dead's. We also substituted a Hell in a Bucket for the Scarlet before the Fire and turned it into a Fire sandwich on a Bucket roll. It was pretty interesting. Following a Looks Like Rain we launched into a 50-minute multi-song end of the second set to close the night. Andy didn't stick around for the Baby Blue. With substiuting Rich's actual sound with a replaced sounds from his MIDI, we were able to get some cool sounds through the night. Till we do it again.

Freak Out!