Carroll's 55th Street


The Days Between Second Jam

Being lucky enough to have two jams during this Days Between time of year, we took the opportunity to actually play Days Between. It opened the second set and it was good and it lead into a nice five song medley ending with the Sailor Saint. What more can you ask for. The first set of Alpine Valley 8-7-82, this being the 35th anniversary of that great show that introduced us two the concept of Music Sugaree Music and gives us one of the great 1980's Let It Grows.

Kendall was on vacation this week leaving the singing duties to Andy, Rich and I. Rich changed to my side of the room so I could capture his MIDI signal, which I used in the mix in lieu of his amped sound captured by a microphone. It was a good night of music with Jerry always on our minds.

Freak Out!