Carroll's 55th Street


Playing Music From Augusta '84 with Lee on Drums

Going for another predetermined setlist this week, Deadstein enjoyed the music of Augusta 1984, with most of the first set coming from the first night, October 11 and the second set being split between night 2, October 12 and the end off night 1. Who this meant was a lot of good music based on a great show and some great memories.

We were fortunate enough to have Lee join us this week and give us the true double drummer experience. The recording was good, except the first song, Shakedown Street, I didn't pick up Scott's drum mic, only his kick, so he is missing on that one, but once the Greatest Story starts you can get that double drumming experience.

There were lots of good songs from this week. It Must of Been the Roses was especially sweet. The set list ended a bit earlier than we anticipated and had time to play a few additional songs, propelling the night into the over 20song category, and everybody likes that!

Keep it up Deadstein,rock on and Freak Out!