Carroll's 55th Street


Kendall Sings as Larry Phils In on Bass

With only two weeks left in 2016 and Deadstein forging strong, we find Kevin tripping in the city, amd not in the good way; but thanks for asking. This meant he had a wrenched back and bruised rib and and hurting keppie knowing he would have to bale on the jam at the last minute. I was determined to "phil" in for him and convinced Andy and Scott to trust me to take the low road and play bass for the night. Cause when they go high, I go low.

It was nice that we had Kendall there to sing all the songs for the night and get some good practice and experience under her belt. Since I was on bass, I did not sing at all and also did have the where with all to provide the direction to her to make a perfectly smooth evening, but we all did great in any case and the recordings prove the point. Kendall sounded great with many new songs she never sang before, I wasn't a total flop on bass and we ended up having a nice evening of music. Alan left for the second set leaving us in a more Garcia Band configuration for the home stretch. Thanks to Mark once again for feeding us with the pizza and bringing Kendall and everyone else in trusting in my bass prowess and keeping the band rolling. It was well worth it. Heal up kevin, we have one last jam for 2016 and then we blow on into 2017.

Making America Grateful Again