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Starting 5777 in the Jewish Calendar Encourages Deadstein to Play 5-7-77

With the conclusion of the Jewish Holidays, the new year 5777 triggered us to play the great May 7, 1977 Boston Garden Grateful Dead show. A numeric coincidence, yes, a great show, yes and a great transport for Deadstein to jam some great music, yes. As is usually the case, when Deadstein takes on playing a show we tend to play well. The direction and focus provided by a setlist from a real show is like brain steroids for Deadstein. The recipe for a jam provides us the guidance to stay on course and to play with some sense of destiny. Having Andy Trister play lead for us this week certainly helped us get the 77 groove we were looking for. The 77 Boston Garden show had Keith on Piano which is a similar setup to the Deadstein current setup with Rich on the Piano. Also going over the show with Kevin before the jam was helpful in getting our tempos and grooves in line with what they were supposed to be. There is lots of good music to listen to so, give it a listen. We even had room for a couple of extra Garcia Band numbers at the end of the night to top off this big serving of goodness.

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