Carroll's 55th Street


One-Game Mets Wildcard Game Means Trister Roots in Lieu of Jamming

It being October the Mets were lucky in 2016 to being playing baseball in this vaulted month, but they made it to the one-game elimination wildcard playoff game against the Giants at home. This meant Trister stayed home to root, root, root for the home team, and they didn't win and it was a shame. It also meant I had traffic on the way in and we had a 5-man Deadstein jam for the first portion of the night and we would be down to 4-man once Alan left after the Stop That Train.

On the good news front, I was able to downgrade my Mac OS back down to El Capitan which meant I was multi-tracking once agin which always helps out the recordings. At Scott's urging and assistance we tried to embark upon the entire Weather Report Suite which actually ended better than I though after we did it. It is always good to brush up on the beginning guitar part to that one, which I didn't do. The Dark Star me and My Uncle Dark Star felt pretty good this week as did the first part of the Big River played late in the night. Until Scott's hand froze up o him, that was a really doc version. We expanded the Feel Like a Stranger which presented its challenges to those not expecting it. Overall, a nice night of music and we look forward to doing at all again next week, probably with Josh the drummer, as Deadstein begins it's 27th year of jamming the music of Jerry Garcia et. al.

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