Carroll's 55th Street


Josh Rosen Joins Scott on the Drums in His Deadstein Debut

Scott asked one of his colleagues, Josh, a young Deadhead to join him on the drums to make his Deadstein debut. We all made some very nice music together which included Andy Trister for the night and Alan W. for the first set. We ended up playing a lot of music hitting the close to 20 song threshold.

Due to stupidity on my part which involved a premature upgrade to MacOS Sierra without having my UAD Apollo interface capable on that platform, meant for the first time in years I was not going to capture a multi-track recording of the jam. What we got was a two-track recording from a run of the mill Zoom MP3 recorder. It's better than nothing but doesn't do justice to the quality music that we played. Oh well, I think I will be back to multi-track next week. With the Mets making the wildcard, Andy is opting out to what that one-game series when we are planning to jam next week. Let's Go Mets, Let's Go Deadstein and Let's Make America Grateful Again