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Deadstein Plays Tribute to the Garcia Band 5/31/83 Roseland Show

It being the anniversary night of the great Jerry Garcia Band show from the Roseland Ballroom, just a few bucks away on May 31, 2016, Deadstein decided to pay and play tribute to that super hot night. With Alan and Lee out and a 4-man band, it was a perfect night to play that great show.

It started with a Rhapsody in Red, and it is never our best song as I don't have the rocking' chops to do it justice, but it's on the list and we have to do it. It didn't help, yet it did help that we ave some of these songs a little listen before the night began. It got us psyched to play the songs and it also provided the brutal realization of how incapable we are of playing them all to well. At times the songs have a good authentic feel and aggressiveness that 5/31/83 is known for. At times we show all our warts, fortunately more good than bad, but too much bad to be good. In any case we exploded through the set light and play a great evening of music, capped by 2 Beatles songs. Who could ask for anything for anything more?

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