Carroll's 55th Street


Like last week, no Alan for set 2 and Kevin and Larry switch

This week was much like last week's jam. Alan left for the second set and Kevin and I traded instruments for part of the second set. Now for the recap

We got there early and setup and ready to go by a quarter of eight. Alan wasn't there yet so we figured we would get warmed up on a How Sweet It Is. Alan walked in at the end of that song and we got going withe some big stuff. Starting the opening combo at 8:03, the Getaway Greatest Story was good. We don't do it often but we hit most of our parts and it got us going for the show in a positive direction. We didn't have the big medleys this week, instead opting for a full night of songs. We hit 21 for the night which is nothing to sneeze at, but we did get going before 8:00 and we didn't end until 12:05. That's a full night of music and 20 minutes past our bedtime for these days. Speaking of "music" the Eyes of the World into Music Never Stopped was one of our crazy combos. That was a set closer but the other crazy combo was the Lazy Lightning --> China Doll --> Supplication. That was well done and fun to do. It was a big first set

Fort the second set we focused on Garcia Band, as Alan had left the room, leaving the arrangement to be more apprpriate for the Garcia Band stuff. As I write this I forgot we did the tight little Operator. Then we did the Garland stuff. Tough Mama was pretty good and the Ophelia, sung by Scott was as strong as usual. Afterwards, Kevin and I switrched instruments, for the second week in a row, where I played his bass, and he played my guitar. It's too bad it takes so long to get used to the different instruments, but the music was fun. Kevin got to play his Estimated jam on guitar, which is something he has always wanted to do. The Come Together also had it moments. Until next week, which is coming right on the coat tails of this week.

Make America Grateful Again.