Carroll's 55th Street


Deadstein celebrates Kevin's Birthday with a select setlist

This week we played the day after Kevin's birthday so the song selection was strongly influenced by his dictates. We started strong as Kevin likes it with a Jack Straw Love Each Other, standard fare but delectible nevertheless. Kevin and I colluded on the most substantial combo of the night, a Foolish Heart --> Victim or the rime into Hard To Handle. This was good stuff and a much more solid =victim than a few week ago. The transitions were nice. We next played a peppy Althea which was well done. This was followed by a cautionary tales sung by Rich, Duprees Diamond Blues which went right into a very nice Masterpiece. Likewise, the Here Comes Sunshine into the Bertha flowed well and we finished the first set and Alan's portion of the jam with the Lost Sailor --> Saint of Circumstance and a Deal to closer. This was a really big first set. For the most part I had a bit of trouble playing nice leads, they didn't flow well, but I was able to push it forward with some nice harmonic structures.

For the second set and in consideration of Kevin's birthday, I suggested Kevin and I switch instruments. I had a yearning to play bass and I thought Kevin would enjoy my new strings on my guitar and rock out. I'm sure at times he was frustrated with his guitar playing but there is some good stuff in there to check out. The whole night was more good than bad which is way more than we should ask for.

Make America Grateful Again.