Carroll's 55th Street


A Cold Night in New York City without Stagger Lee and Glenn Frey

Another week passes and another freak passes, this week it was Glenn Frey of the Eagles. Unlike the passing of Bowie last week when we didn't have any music to play, this week we did happen to have Hotel California in our supplemental songbook packet and were therefore were able to try to pull that one out of our asses when Scott tossed it out as a suggestion. No one wanted to sing it during the jam, so I tried, but didn't do a good job. I tried to over-dub it at home, but the results were not pleasant. I was fortunately able to find a track to download of someone singing Hotel California. I sliced up this vocal track to fit out background accompaniment and it was a big improvement.

Lee cancelled the day before so it was a solo drumming night for Scott who held up pretty well throughout the night. I was taking Kevin's suggestion to start out the jam big to get the momentum going at it worked using a Feel Like a Stranger. The Bob songs of the first set were beefy ones and anchored it down. It addition, a 45-minute Eyes --> Other One --> King Bee --> Other One --> He's Gone --> Music was another anchor of the first set that was a gigantic undertaking. Speaking of undertakings, I was going to go into the Death Don't Heave No Mercy out of the Other One, but Rich didn't get the memo and played King Bee instead, which turned out pretty good. I did happen to get the He's Gone in nevertheless, because I was going for some death songs the commemorate all the people dying. The Music was a nice topper to the montage.

Freaks cannot live on meat alone so we had to throw a few veggies in there for good sake some were nice surprises including the Stealin, the I'll Be With Thee and the Old and in the Way. The Other beef in the second set, Scarlet --> Hell in a Bucket was worth the price of admission for the second set as the Bucket was one of our better ones. We winter is finally here and our next jam is on the heals of a mega-snow storm, so let's see what freak that brings, and please,no one die this week. "Freak-Out"