Carroll's 55th Street


Larry's Birthday Jam Has A Lot of Everything

This week was my birthday jam to celebrate. Now I usually select most of the song we typically play, but this being the day after my birthday, I decided to take some liberties.

To start the night I though Ripple would be nice. It has some nice sentiments about moving one and it it good to tackle the song early one for once. We then blasted into Hell in a Bucket which had some great moments early on and it took a while until we fell off the rocker, so the speak. The Lazy Lightning was our best to date as we keep improving on it.

The setlist included a sizable helping a beefy Bobby songs, a few mellow ones like Sing Me Back Home and High Time which were really good and some acoustic adaptations like the Ripple, Shady Grove and Ragged But I'm Right. All of these turned out pretty good. What wasn't that good was the ending packet, but that what you get with a Larry birthday setlist

Of note, I saw Peter Frampton a few days after this jam and one of the highlights of this great show was his rendition I'm a Road Runner Baby, which Deadstein has been playing ever since the release of the Songbook version 9. It was great to the that performed so well. This week following this jam begins the Grateful Dead's 50-Year anniversary and final shows called "Fare The Well" featuring Trey from Phish on guitar. Well, Trey rented a room at Carroll's for the few months leading up to these shows to release and a couple of months ago we saw that he was using the Deadstein songbook's chart of West LA Fadeaway as he had a copy of it on his music stand. The picture on this week's poster art features me pointing to this chart. It's nice to know Deadstein had some type of impact on the Fare The We'll shows. Finally, I must mention and note the passing of Yes bassist Chris Squire who I idolized in my high school years. I used to get virtual blisters on my fingers playing air guitar to his bass lines. Now he and Jerry can a little Grateful Yes. Freak out