Carroll's 55th Street


5-Man jam with several new songs played.

This week's Tuesday night jam took a turn when Lee announced the day before that he was sick and wouldn't be able to make the jam. This left us to cancel one drum kit and to leave Scott on his own to carry the load. The remaining five of us arrived fairly early and we were ready to get going just before 8pm. The result was another jam with over 20 songs in it.

This week we would tackle a few new songs, as I have been charting out several new songs in preparation of an eventual release of a new song book(s). They will include two volumes this time; the Jerry Garcia Songbook V.9 and the Deadstein Packet v.4. Look for the release sometime in the near future.

We had some new Beatles songs to do, Garcia Band, the Grateful Dead and even a Brent song. There is nothing like a song you have never played before. We did the You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Rain, Someday Baby, Blow Away early in the night and saved the Dead's encore duo of Baba O'Riley --> Tomorrow Never Knows to close out the night. It was all pretty good stuff, even the bluesy Someday Baby. The encore of Bab O'Riley could have been terrible at that time of the night, but it wasn't. It was a fun effort.

I was a bit preoccupied during the night as the Rangers were playing game 5 in the Eastern Conference Cup against the Canadiens while we jammed. I recorded the game so I could watch it when I got home and spent the night worried that someone would spill the beans and tell me score. Some how I was able to remain oblivious to the score throughout the night and was able to enjoy their defeat the next day, watching it as a recorded program. No big deal because the Rangers did win game 6 in the series to win the Eastern Conference and a right to fight for the cup in the championship series. Last time they were in this position Jerry Garcia was still alive.

As Kevin was feeling a little slow for the night he asked for something that wasn't too taxing to start the night and we decided to select the Let the Good Times Roll. We followed this up a typical Feel Like a Ranger and we were on our way. As far as guests, we saw Ryan and Maggie for the first time in months and they were accompanied by their friend Rich who seemed to dig us. They were there for the Eyes through the end of the first set.

The second set started with a typical TWLWMYD, but the proceeding Playing went into a Hey Pocky Way that transitioned into an unexpected and very rare Supplication. After a few odds and ends Rich wanted to Play a Black Peter, so we did and that gave us a nice excuse to finish the second set with the Playing in the Band reprise. It was a nice first set and a nice second one with the aforementioned Bab O'Riley --> Tomorrow Never Knows closing the night.

Freak Out.