Smash Studios A


A snowy night quartet with no Trister and Brotman but Bill Siegel did the trudge.

It was a tough night to get a jam together due to a pending snow storm.  Trister alerted us that he wouldn't play if there was snow and Rich didn't want to try to limp around in his cast and crutches in the snow.  I can't blame him for being a little cautious.  The decision to play or not was up in the air all day.  The storm came later than predicted so Kev, Coffee and I headed to the city.  We would have had to pay for the room anyway so why no the attempt?  In addition, Bill Siegel also made the long trek into the city from Flemington and missing the first set.  A tough ride in and a short jam for him but the effort is greatly appreciated.  Once Bill came in it gave the music a significant amount of more structure and we did some good stuff.  The snow was on Kev's mind all night.  I don't know why cause he didn't even drive.  Coffee-Bro did.  There we no guests in the room.  What meschuganas would go out on a night like this?  Anyway another tough snowy night in the books for Deadstein.

We quit at about 10:05 to go home.  The roads were pretty bad.  Traffic into the Lincoln tunnel on the way home sucked.  The snow was sticking profusely to the car and it was tough to see out of the windows,  Finally go off the Lincoln Tunnel helix in a bout a half hour.  It was snowing hard with big flacks for the next half hour along the Route 3 to 46 corridor.  Kathy was taking me through it all.  My descriptions of slips and slides put her to sleep which left me alone on Route I-80.  Alone on a dark highway with no indications of where the road started and stopped.  Not too much evidence of plowing either.  Three to five inches on the road and times more and a 30 mph max.  It was tough to squint through the windshield.  I cleaned my wipers off at one point by pulling over.  They were frozen solid.  Unfortunately the driver's side wipers came off in my hand while cleaning it.  While I panicked it when right back on and away I went.  Finally hit a real deep snow drift on Route and did a slow 90 degree spin.  No one around but uncontrolled nevertheless.  Home by 12:15 only 20 late.  Pretty good.  

In the world, John Kerry won the New Hampshire primary.  Rangers just got Jarimeer Jagr and Nets fired Byron Scott for not winning the NBA finally when he got there for the past two years..  Kev, Coffee and I ate at the Fresco Taco where I indulged in my usual C-5.

Till next Tuesday when it's hopefully a bit nicer out.