Ganesvort Street


Second To Last Night, Dennis starts to write the book of the Kid

First Set

  • Truckin->
  • Casey Jones
  • Terrapin Station->
  • Samson & Delilah
  • Takes A Lot To Laugh and a Train to Cry
  • Beat It On Down The Line
  • El Paso

Second Set

  • Here Comes Sunshine->
  • Bertha
  • Touch of Grey
  • U.S. Blues
  • I would like to start by I apologizing for this much belated posting. Besides having been busy, it is all for the better. In all actuality, this is the first posting I have attempted using my new voice recognition software. So far, it has been very frustrating. This thing, by IBM, is quite buggy. To boot, I just lived through the most violent thunder and lightning I have ever seen. It was working well until the two or three blackouts ruined my fun.
  • Time will tell if writing new web pages by speaking them will engender significantly more meaningless rambling by your humble narrator. Anyway, back to the jam.
  • Well, this was the to be the second to last week. Dennis was in rare form, providing all sorts of insights into his life. We began to outline a biography of this interesting trail through the musical era we only dream about. When I get his permission, I hope to be able to publish this story on our web. There are many interesting tidbits.
  • Besides Dennis and Johnny, there were not to do many other people in the room. Even Larry Menaker was not there. An interesting side note, for the first time we will not able to pay our bill. I don't know what happened but I'm sure we will find out.
  • I was in a feisty mood and I picked on Johnny a bit. I was only picking on him because it was in my devil's advocate sense of humor. He kept complaining about not getting the Touch of Grey and I was giving him grief for it.
First Set Comments:
Half Time Comments:
  • As usual, we got a late start due to Larry Brent’s schedule. We were supposed to eat early so we wouldn't lose any playing time. Unfortunately, we never got to this early meal. We were relegated to eating some pretty good corner-deli sandwiches. I had what may have been the last pork by-product sandwich that I may ever have. Something tells me Ben's deli doesn't have any pork by-product sandwiches. That is okay because I will eat corned beef and pastrami instead of pork by-product any day.
Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!
  • The Touch of Grey was the ironic song of the evening. Johnny was begging for it all night long, he was protesting the fact that he was not getting it and and we surprised him him by playing it as a last song. It happened to be one of our best Touch of Grey's ever.
  • CloudsIt was hot but not as hot as the previous two weeks. Air conditions, to a point is at our new location. We have that to look forward to. I bet there is heat without kerosene also. The jet rocket in the closed room without and escape hatch or ventilation never made me feel to good.