Carroll's 55th Street


Lee is our solo drummer on Thursday night in Studio B

Being a Thursday night approaching the Thanksgiving Holiday meant it would be difficult to get everyone together for a jam. This week's odd person out was Scott, with Donna only making for the 1st set. This left Lee to cannibalize the second unused drum kit in effort to surround himself with as many cymbals as possible. He seemed to accomplish this task yet somehow leaving enough space to peer into the room. Me on the other hand, made a bonehead maneuver when I accidentally packed my Roland Ready Strat into my gig bag instead of my 1979 hard-tailed Strat. This was a bummer when I pulled the guitar out of my bag, because my Roland Ready Strat does not feel as good in my hands as my other one and the sound coming out of the pickups is definitely weaker and more sterile. Once I was at the studio, I had to make the best of it, which I did. I didn't freak out, I just played it the best I could. The only time to really freak out is at the end of a posting, so Freak Out!