Carroll's 55th Street


The whole band is back but so is the 2-track

  • Saint Stephen
  • Shakedown Street
  • Samson and Delilah
  • Terrapin Station
  • The Wheel
  • All Along the Watchtower
  • Midnight Moonlight
  • For the first time in what seems like weeks, we had the whole band together to jam this week in Dedstein together, at least for the first set. By the time the second set began rolling on by, Donna had to catch her train out of Dodge. First the first time in like 5 weeks, I decided to take a week off from multi-track taping as I was falling behind, so I figured, I would leave it up to Rich to record the night's music. As far as recordings, we on successfully got the first set as something in the setup failed for the second set.

    The other big event for this jam was the fact that it was a celebration of Lee's 50th birthday. That bestowed upon him the honor as well as the obligation to select the setlist for the night. Lee's maturity really shined during this obligation as he spit appropriate song after appropriate song considering all that had to be considered. He had the Bob-Jerry trade-off to consider as well as the , what does Donna sign consideration. In the end, Lee was very considerate and set Donna up to rip through several of the songs she sings lead on. Lee's choices were right on as he expertly ended Deadstein's first set promptly at 10pm.

    As far as guests we enjoyed the presence of Stu who was doing work at the back table while enjoying the groove of Deadstein. The we also had Monica with a new ultra-freaky guy, I think also named stu, who came in with a magical book of secret potions of art or something like that. In any case, he appeared to by quite the freak and seemed to fit in quite well with all the freaks that have preceded him. He asked us if we were "burners." We didn't know what that meant but it was a reference to going to burning man. You learn something new every jam at Deadstein.

    Wishing Lee a super freaky Deadstein happy birthday for his 50th and we all look forward to celebrating another momentous birthday again when he turns 100. Can't wait for that September 2063 when we can all freak out again.