Carroll's 55th Street


Trister plays lead as Alan and I shared the Bob duties

It was Tuesday night and this week we were lucky enough to enjoy the sounds of Andy Trister on lead. ?at least until 10:30. ?Otherwise, it was the five of us, with Alan and I sharing the Bob sounds, until at least Andy left. ?It gave me some time to record video via the iPhone and Ustream for some of the songs. ?I think I got a few good ones so check them out at (Click here). As far as guests we had Rob and Miriam who danced and?frolicked?the night away. ?Always good to see them. ?In addition, Scott Bayer hung out and banged a bongo or two for a few songs. ?I think I witnessed 3 pounds of lox being passed and other than that it was the?typical?freak-fest. Speaking of which, I think someone from Phish was playing at Terminal 5 so I parked 2 blocks away, so on the way out Kevin gave me a ride to his car and we got caught in a lettuce chewing freak-fest in front of Terminal 5 as the show let out. ?Kevin was freaking out, 'twas quite the experience. We played in the other large studio and we went through several amps until we found 3 that worked. ?In the end, there was some operator error but it's great to play a Carroll's and have access to their entire amp room. ?There's no other place like this. ?I like the playing for most of the night, we just rock, but there were moments of choppiness also, but coming from a week off, we probably had a bit more stamina than we will have next week. ?Who know that is tough to predict. ?That's right, Scott's off to Further next week and we won't have him to play for use, so we are in search for a drummer for next week. We played some good stuff. ?It included a big Eyes of the World teaching Andy the whole 1974 ending which turned out to be pretty good. ?I though the Let it Grow had the best Trister leads of the night. ?We also did the Comfortably Numb with Andy which also had the nice leads to it. ?We ended the Trister segment with a not so well performed version of Brokedown, but the good thing about it was the use of the new book's dual versions of the Brokedown Palace. Alan left a little early also leaving the Core-4 to finish up with a little Dar Side of the Moon music as well as the botched Come Together to close the night. ?Botch-Schmotch, at least we are there to botch it! ?Let's get it together for next week.