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Carroll's 55th Street - Terez joins us after many years away and it felt like she never left.

What a nice night a Carroll's we had tonight as we had the return of Terez after several years of not jamming with Deadstein.  The impressive thing is that we seemed to be able to play all her songs and that she was able to lead Deadstein through and entire night of  music.  I think we played the stuff well and in many respects it could have been our best Terez music to date.  One could only imagine how much better it could be  if we did it more than once every 4 years.  It was a lot of songs considering.

We had al sorts of speaker PA issues early in the evening but those were ironed out and it sounded pretty good.  We played relatively softly and dynamically so it was some good sounding stuff.  There was a hodge-podge of recordings since Rich's MP3 recorder lost it's charge.  Some of the music was recorded on my iPhone and some on video tape.  Scott Bayer was there to video the Come Together and the video was also used to record some of the songs while Rich was desperately trying to charge his MP3 recorder in the meantime.  At least we got some YouTube.

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To listen to most of the songs from the night go to the following ink or just click the MP3s below: