Carroll's 55th Street


Little Ronnie sings some great songs with us.

This ordinary Wednesday night Deadstein jam turned into a surprising and almost extraordinary Deadstein experience. ?It was a night slated to be the five of us, there was a lot of traffic and I was like a half hour late. ?I came into the room to hear Alan jamming the That's What Love Will Make You Do with the rest of the band, and it sounded pretty good. ?I later find out that I also missed the Gomorrah.

I got there for the opening Thrill is Gone and it was a challenge to jump into cold requiring some good movement. ?I wasn't feeling confident and relaxed but the band was good and I was able to play and not mess up. ?Same goes for the Me and My Uncle, it was a pretty good tight and consistent effort, and while not having the chops at the time to add to much I was able to manage not to be a burden. ?What-eva? ?I think we started taking off with the Ramble on Rose and the Masterpiece. ?They were feeling good.


It was about that time that our only guests of the night stopped by. ?They were Kevin's G'Island friends Keith and Gila and Gila came with her little sister Ronnie. ?After a little "Hello" if you know what I mean we discovered Ronnie was a Deadhead and liked to sing. ?Never ones to deny an opportunity to find someone that can hep us with our vocal challenges, we enlisted Ronnie to park herself in front of a microphone and join the fray. ?It was pretty exciting to have a new fresh voice in the room and we had a great time.

I tried to steer the set toward the songs Ronnie chose to sing and it worked. ?It was quite impressive how she was able to sit in and sing. ?I was proud of all of us. ?Alan mentioned to me how we all played with in ourselves a lot more than usual to make the experience work and I agree. ?I hope we can explore this opportunity to play with Ronnie if she is wiling to put up with us. ?There is some potential there for all us.

It was a lot of songs we put Ronnie through as she was there leading us for the most part from the Brown-Eyed Women all the way through the Boxer. ?It's amazing that we actually got through that oner successfully to the end but I think I was able to show Ronnie the cues throughout the night and we kept the music quite coherent and worthwhile. ?There were enough happy moments to make up for the more challenging moments. ?Anyway listen to the MP3s if you want.

To close I cranked a Rhapsody and we ended with a rare Standing on the Moon Good Lovin'. ?To play 18 songs in a night where I arrive late and we are filled with new music is a satisfying night in my book and my book had quite a night, proving itself for what it is. G-d bless my book!

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