Carroll's 55th Street


Jeff Blues makes his Deadstein debut

During the day of this jam Scott sent out an email about some friend of a friend of his who wanted to stop by and play a little guitar with us. ?His name was Jeff and he played blues guitar and so in Deadstein fashion we welcome him with open arms and there he was. ?Showing up slinging a worn-out '82 Straocaster in one arm and a golden Washburn, I guess, it had a "W" on the headstock, Les Paul clone. ?Actually, Jeff play sweet and bluesy/rocky. ?He was quite and and?definitely spoke an articulate language I didn't quite converse in. ?He really did rock.

This gave Alan a chance to break out a little harmonica playing as that added a real nice tonality to the blues that was going on. ?Was a nice new sound to Deadstein for the evening. ?As far as guest we had Scott Bayer and someone who looked like his step brother / father, where to the grow people like this? ?The guy's name was Norm, I think. ?They were quite the duo. ?Scott did bongo away for a song or two. Additionally, I ended up playing drums on the last 3 of 4 songs ?(Big Boss Man, Hard to Handle and Morning Dew) as Scott petered out by the end in a big way. ?I couldn't complete it the drumming with the Good Lovin' ?as I just couldn't pull that and that forced Scott to get back into his taintable throne and play the Good Lovin'. ?That was a good wake up call for him as a way to send him home out of Deadstein land.


To hear wahat we did go to the links below.

Till next week and our 20 year anniversary with LLB, MB and what promises to be a memorable evening. ?20 year's, wow!