Carroll's 55th Street


No Rich, so it's nonCore-4

this once again was a jam where it was the non-core four. In other words, Rich was not at the jam and it was a simple for guitar strike that to guitar bass and drum evening. Hopefully, as you can tell I am using my iPhone's Siri dictation interface to compose and write down this blog posting. Such as last week, I intend to not change any of what I'm saying and let you see how effective or not effective this Siri really is. And on with the posting. caps so like I said, this was a jam where it was just the four of us and we had the quietness of no keyboard microphone in the room. caps so that actually made for some of our most dynamic music almost to date. Be charivari was quite up-and-down from a dynamic perspectives and that was pretty cool. But we certainly had our terrible moments including the start of the night. I suggested we opened with a seen your and Kevin graciously agreed to it, but it was a disaster from the start and we jump ship rather quickly. Scott suggested we just look to the left of the seeing your and played the second that emotion which we did and that got us going. At this point of the jam we were only three people as Alan hadn't arrived. Alan arrived after the second that emotion and it certainly help us gel into a more cohesive unit. As far as guests we had a few. There was Rob and Miriam and who would've thunk that cookie 10 would've shown up with a box of cookies, almost all chocolate coated. So like last week, Richard wasn't there to record the band. Caps I therefore grabbed my iPhone I decide to record most of the songs. This week at least I brought my AC adapter so the iPhone could keep up a charge through the whole night wall recording the band. Since several people but moaned the concept of having the video up on the website I decided to compromise and record using some sort of comic filter over the video. It came out pretty cool though. So I decide to post what I talk anyway. Only missing from the video was the end of the night where we played a few non-bed songs like a comfortably numb and a Beatles song what did we play, oh yeah it was Savoie truffle. Tap and that's about it, you can see the dictation is better and more comprehendible than last weeks. The fact that I am in my room not in the car and dictating actually into the microphone supplied in the iPhone your bugs that came with it I think help the situation. But you can see it's not perfect, but Siri and I are becoming better and better acquainted making a better partnership and a better posting. Who knows, one day it may be more coherent than the incoherence that I've been posting for all these years.