Carroll's 55th Street


Larry Brent playing for most of the night

This Thursday?s jam had us all back together for a jam plus we had Larry Brent playing for most of the night.? With all the catching up to get through I?didn't?think there was a chance we would get past 20 songs.? Apparently I was way wrong as we got in 24.? We had a beefy 14 song first set with Larry and then a second set that we played with him for the first five songs, and played with just us Deadsteiners for the last 5 songs of the night. As far as non-playing guests we had Rob and Heather, who left us with an inspirational good bye like no other as we ?let inspiration move us brightly? during the Terrapin.? They popped their heads in and both gave a big inspirational good-bye.? It was pretty funny.? By the end of the night Ryan and Maggie showed up to catch our closing.? Once Larry left, I took the opportunity to try the If I had the World to Give, which once again shows improvement. Closely following the Jewish Holidays, Alan tried to get a biblical theme going and all we got from that was the early Greatest Story and Brothers and Sisters.? The PA system was a bit woofy during the first set, and we finally tamed that beast by the end of the second set.? Sometimes, it is just like that and you have to play through the friction.? Hopefully next week will be a little slicker. To hear this week?s music, use the links below: