Carroll's 55th Street


For the third time Jayson is our Jerry

Wow without too many distractions and a zeal to keep playing, Deadstein reached the 20 song plateau this week. Jayson was there and so was Scott, so we had the full 6 man crew to blow through the songs. Stu was there for the first two and it was great to see him. I hadn't seen him since my trip to Amsterdam in July and I had a lot to tell him about. I love talking Amsterdam and bicycles.

We were placed in the big room and it sounded nice and open. We didn't have too many soft songs to keep us at Jayson levels of quiet but we had plenty of great moments. He Ain't Give You None reached new Deadstein heights and I pulled out the Gloria in commeration of Bob's 60th Birthday as he played Gloria at the Milkweg in Amsterdam on his birthday on 10-16-81 and I have always associated that show and specifically Bob's birthday with Gloria. Why, I really don't know considering it is a Van Morrison song.I feel like I was having all sorts of trouble with my timing while singing this night but no bad enough to cause any real train wrecks, but when not being able to spell Gloria became an obstacle to completing the song I knew I was in trouble. Some how it came to an end. I thought the Estimated and China Doll were real highlights and the Mister Charlie closely following the Viola Lee Blues felt redudant.