Carroll's 55th Street


Finally the whole band back together

After weeks of a variety of jammers, it was the six of us back for a jam.  The drummers looked rested and relaxed and ready to get back in the groove.  We had a nice eat before hand and got going into the How Sweet It Is.  Trister was having problems getting set from the start, having to switch amps and all.  It was festival time in the region and apparently Fender Reissues are in high demand.

I was suffering from allergies and was choking all night while singing.  I'm sure it didn't sound too good and I apologize now.  Even if I weren't suffering you would still be suffering, so I still apologize and appreciate you all putting up with me.  Nevertheless, we entered into the How Sweet It Is and we had a nice relaxed groove that lasted much of the night.  The PA didn't sound good and that didn't help anything, but as usual, by the end of the night we became comfortable with it and it was tollerable.

The Get Out of My Life was also really good.  El Paso wasn't and Dark Star while a spaced out jam, it really didn't approach the Dark Star feel, or if it did it was on downers.  Dancing was nice and so was Althea and the 4th Street .  The 2 Zeppelin songs had a nice lethargic relaxed yet confident feel to them.  Fun to learn and do.  If we only had a singer.  When is Terez coming?  Prep her on the Zeppelin stuff. Chin Cat never made it to a Rider but the Mission in the Rain was structurally correct and well done.  Back off the "Banned List" and back on to the "Band List."  Easy Wind we took the easy way out and played a steady tempo but it got us through it so that was good.  Evangeline to close was spunky.

Till next Tuesday when we have more craziness music laughter and yes, Beef Brisket!