Carroll's 55th Street


A few guests come to watch us complete an entire setlist at Carroll's

We were again in the big room of Carroll's with the entire band.  Kevin and Trister worked out a setlist prior to the jam and we stuck with it throughout the entire night.  We haven't had a setlist in quite a while and it seem to work out well.  Somehow it got Trister to play a Victim because it was upon him before he knew what hit him.  We were able to play all the songs plus a couple of extras for good keep.

There were a few guests in the room to enjoy us on this Monday.  First my Brother Jay walked in pretty early carrying a six of Bud.  Then came his friend Gary carrying a variety of assorted beers.  Finally came our good friend Michael carrying what ever he carries.  he was in town to enjoy some Allman concerts and then off to some Van shows.  The guest factor always keeps us on our toes and get us to play with some energy and heart.  If think we played with energy and heart although some songs had a disjointed feel that didn't seem quite solid.  The Estimated was like that.  We got through them all but there were a few points in the night that felt like we were not going to survive through the end of the song.  It was a foggy experience in there so survival was about all you could hope for. By the end, we were back to normal singing about the  benefits of keeping you day job.  Lots of fun, too bad there's a day job to go back to and we can't live and sing in that foggy studio that suspends reality for just a few hours each week.

Can't wait for suspended reality once again next Tuesday.