Carroll's 55th Street


Trister's back but Brotpen is still saving cats in New Orleans.

It's Valentine's Day 2006 and Deadstein is jamming in the city.  How we pulled this off is difficult to say but a proud moment for us nevertheless.  I must send out a thank you to all the women of our lives for letting us jam on this important day.  This was a day Trister was back but Brotpen was still away saving cats from the New Orleans flood devastation.  We had no keyboardist so I decided to redo my pedal board and stick the midi effect in the case.  Somehow I managed to fit it in there.

Coffee Boy had a new Archos recorder because his old one had one side that was buzzing out.  We plugged in Rode Stereo mic into the new recorder and lo-and-behold, this machine had one side out also.  It turned out to be my mic or the 5 pin stereo cable but it wasn't good news.  Coffee hooked up his little shitty mic but got nothing but buzz when he got home to listen to it.  To bad because there were some good moments that are tough to recall a week later.  Another change in equipment was the selling of Trister's white Travis Bean on t eBay for a healthy profit to someone from Short Hills.  Coffee always seemed to love that guitar and it had a thick tone, but only through past recording will we relive that again.

For dinner I tried Daisy May's chili and corn bread which was very beefy without any beans.  I had to try it one day eventually.