Carroll's 55th Street


Six of get back together after a week off to jam in dedication to Jerry for his birthday.

We had a week off since Kev was on vacation but we were back and relatively excited about the jam ahead of us.  It was the day after Jerry's birthday and he was on our minds.  The surprise in the room was the fact that the dusty concrete floor was coated and sealed with this black paint that ends the dust issue.  The only dust we will see is the dust residue that remains on our equipment.

We started the night out of a prolonged jam that quickly went into a Jack Straw.  It was good and woke us up to get into the music for the night.  For the record, CoffeeBoy got the inferior drumset for the night.  Kev had an SWR combo that tended to blow up when he gave it a low note.  As is the norm for these days, there were no guests this night.

We did lots of good stuff, including the Ship of Fools that we played to cements its key change to Bb.  It was good.  Shining Star was nice also.  My songs in 7 were terrible, Lazy Lightning was a debacle and for some reason I couldn't get the Estimated sings to save my life. Andy salvaged the song by starting us on the chorus which forced us on the right track.  Good thing also, cause we had a real nice powerful jam.  I thought the Throwing Stones, Going Down the Road was nice and we were inspired enough to play an extra couple of minutes and get the Push Comes to Shove in.

I had a Daisy May pork chunk sandwich and Kev and I had the good Iced Tea.  MMMhhh.  I was another hot sweltering night but the room in Caroll's was nice and  cool.  I also handed out some CDs of the Coffeefest Jam multitrack mixdowns which were also posted in the proper folder.

Enjoy, till next week when we celebrate Trister's B-day and we remember the 10 year anniversary of Jerry's death.