Smash Studios R


A full band win Smash with MiniT singing several new Dead songs. Dreams coming true for Mr. T. in a bright new world.

For this jam the whole band was there and our only guest was my own special little guest who was celebrating her birthday the only way one should, at Deadstein.  She should have been given a song request or two as is the traditional Deadstein way.  While I got there late and ate a couple of fajitas from Fresco Taco just before the jam, I wasn't recording and therefore we had time to complete the entire setlist.

MiniT learned and sang several new, virginal Dead songs, from her perspective and did a real nice job of it.  The diversity was like a dream come true to Andy.  He seemed to be realizing the Deadstein dream throughout the entire night as he began to comprehend how the world looks up with MiniT, Coffee-Boy and even Smash Studios providing unexepected benefits.   Kevin almost had the restaint to get the the Come Together lead correct which would have been a dream come true for Rich, besides getting the Tobacco Road gig as well as spot on the Jay Leno show for MiniT.

I had no traffic but was late so I could bring in drive in my guests to the jam.  Till next Tuesday