Carroll's 55th Street


After an unusual week off, the whole band is back and playing well at Carroll's.

The six of us were together as a band for the first time in several weeks.  Rich was missing last week as he is trying to get his Hubble Film recognized and played.  In helping to achieve this goal, Kevin coolly incorporated the film's poster in this week's setlist.  Pretty exciting stuff for Rich so good luck.  In the room we had a couple of guests of Rich's called Ivan and Tracy.  They seemed to dig us for a few songs and went on their merry way.  Always nice to see people try to appreciate us.  After they left all we had was Little Jimmy and the Ghost of Neil Diamond.  Neil is rehearsing the the studio next in preparation of his new tour he just announced.

We haven't played together for a while and it showed because we were all playing nicely as if we actually missed each other, which speaking for myself I did miss everyone.  Scott graced us with his bluesy rendition of It Hurts Me Too, that was pretty cool.  Many songs were done really well.  Rich's covering of To Lay Me Down and Touch of Grey seemed to hit the mark.

In the world, the Yankees are looking very old as it appears that they do not have enough manpower to make the playoffs.  Don't forget Sunday, May 29th at Coffee's house in Syosette where Deadstein will make its triumphant Long Island return for a Memorial Day party.