Smash Studios R


Studio R with the whole band getting in one last practice session before the 6/29/03 gig.

It was the last jam for us as a full band before the ever so big Tobacco Road gig coming up on June 29, 2003.  We distributed the postcards and the posters of Kevy's artwork so thoughtfully re-produced by Michael Carpetsteen Caruso of Michael Graphics, New Brunswick, NJ.  They look great!   Hopefully our gig lives up to the hype of the posters.  Stu and a girl friend of his showed up to listen for a few songs and Ken also arrived a little later.   Throwing his underwear into the center of the vortex.  I don't know what that was about.

I had a nice relaxing night of no taping and just playing.  We played okay with lots of discussion and friction over how to play songs.  I can't wait for June 30th when we never have to go through this again.   I assume it will be all worth it. I was really hating the sound of the Marshall amp I was playing last night as I am not able to play anthing on my low E string without it sounding like a bulldozer.  I gave out CDs from the 6-3-03 jam last night with some really good stuff on it.  Mixed differently than my last 15 mixdowns as it was done on the computer with my new Cubase SL software.  How do you all like it?

Kev and I ate Fresco Taco. I had a C8 (chicken & steak) rather than my typical C5 (steak). Till next Tuesday.