Tobacco Road


Terez gig at Tobacco Road

We it was the big breakout for Terez, also more commonly known as Deadstein or Byrnestein, at Tobacco Road.  We got there early, did a Love Each Other soundcheck and played and hour and fifteen minutes to a pretty nice crowd.  With the bright lights on stage it was very difficult to see into the crowd but they seemed to be didgging us.  We played pretty well and most of the practice seemed to pay off.  Whether it was worth it is for each of us to answer in our own minds.

Tobacco Road was cool, we got free drinks and the sound was very good.  I lost electricity after about the fifth song on my effect setup, I don't know why but managed to get through the rest of the night with my strat and my super champ.  Had lots of fun and it was good to play to a nice crowd.   Coffee-Dude got a mini-disk out of it and I wonder how the sound was from the music and video made at the soundboard. 

As usual, a night like that seemed too short but hopefully after they saw how we loaded the bar and were a pleasure to work with, Tobacco Road will invite us back to a full Tuesday night gig where we can play the whole night long. 

Terez was great, animated, sounding good and singing with purpose and leadership.  Great job.  Everyone seemed to love ya.  The rest of us ar the Schleps from Studio R.  Great job with Kevin on the Posters and flyers.   Are there any left over or did the publicity push get all those people there.   Rich, did you get the people there you wanted?  What was there reaction?

Looking forward to the future and we have a Larry birthday setlist coming up this Tuesday.  I'll forward a setlist to kevin and Rich for preparation.  See ya later.