William Weiss Interiors Studio


No guests, no Dave, not even Jonathan. Their loss.

A night without any guests, except for Bill and Billarena at half time. Dave was not there and Jonathan was seeing what can't see. Larry M. came by for the drumming and we had a good night.

We play next Tuesday or Thursday depending on Andy's Schedule.

I showed up for Scott's real early in order to teach him to update www.WilliamWeissInteriors.com himself.   I got downstairs before anyone and warmed-up my new Strat.  I'm really liking it.

Kevin came from an exciting 12:00 noon Met game at Shea where they came back with 2 in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Giants 9-8.  Anyway, the beautiful day at the park may have tired him a bit because he slurred his playing for much of the night.

I think the night was below the level of the previous few weeks.  Some songs had had an unfamiliarity to them such as Greatest Story, Sailor/Saint, Don't Ease, etc.  We prevailed nevertheless.

This is the first post in a long time that I have been able to get done right after the jam.  I'm not working tomorrow in preparation for resting up prior to the trip the gathering in the Poconos.  I got home late because of a big wait at the garage to get my car as well as traffic at the Holland Tunnel.   Nevertheless, the lack of need to wake up at any specific hour affords me the opportunity to suck on a pearl for a bit and reflect on the night.

With no guests and Freakboy, I took care of the order.   Memphis Trio is no longer but the foods is still the same.  They changed their name to something else more Italian but the food is the same.  As a matter of fact the gray hared garlic knot maker/delivery man told me they do have a new menu and he will bring it for me next time.  The order went fine.  It showed up just as I went upstairs after finishing the Good Lovin'  Perfect Timing on the food which let us play a relatively long second set.

First set was Tangled Up in Blue while waiting for Larry B. To show up.

  • Comes a Time was a disappointment, so was Don't Ease and most of Stella Blue and the Sailor, Saint.
  • The best things were the Mexicali, Bertha-> Good Lovin', Uncle John's
  • Mediocre were the Truckin', He's Gone, Miracle and Terrapin.