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Dave on Bass with no break and no food.

Kevin was out for the second week in a row with the bum foot that isn't due to get better until the year 3,000 (Y3K) now.  Much like the ancient soothsayers, Kevin has predicted and fulfilled his own doom. Stay away from him or you may get struck by a bolt of his lightning. 

In the mean time Dave had to make the sacrifice and pull off the fine bass playing job that he did.  Dave settled in very nicely and there were some nice cozy, froughtfully frightful, intimate moments out there.  It can be a trill with the end of the tunnel making it worth the trip.  Dave traditionally has trouble with the Dew and tonight was no exception,  I don't think Scott falling asleep during it was any help either.  In any case, it was a long night with no food and virtually no break so that is to be expected.  Short of his narcolepsy, I think Scott had a hot evening.   It's great to drum with him when I can,  it's easy to learn a lot sitting next to someone while supporting his efforts with a steady beat that can be relied on.  We drummed together during the Get Out Of My Life Woman and it was pretty solid.  Andy did the drumming during the Not Fade Away and also kept it pretty solid because as he dropped his guitar to run to the drum set the groove and energy level started fading quickly.  We need to do more endurance work to maintain our stamina. Freakagra or something.

Guests for the evening were Sonny and Cher.  No actually that was Randi and not Cher who stayed for the first half and then bolted with Sonny.  The Beat goes on.  We never stopped to have time to say hello, so Hello.  Freakboy was not to be seen, but the dancing was consistent.

I think we got closer to the correct Cumberland groove and it turned out to be pretty hot.  The That's It For the Other One should have only the been the Other One, That's It, or not?  The Dixie was done for the passing of Rick Danko, he played in the Band, but like Rich, never ate with the group.

There was no food, a just few chocolate drops from the Christmas filing cabinet.  No break, except for those that took one, but there was no food to eat, no drink to drink.  The only two things to satiate our appetites were music and.   As Andy says, "I don't come hear to sit."  Traffic was brutal, it was raining hard, the Mets didn't get Jr. the Giants are looking good on their 2 game winning streak, Patric is back and the Knicks have lost yet and even the Rangers haven't yet lost in December.  I think even the transit strike was averted.  And Kevin thinks it's all coming to an end.  It's just all beginning again.

In case I am wrong on that last statement, this may be the last posting on Deadstein.com with the uncertainty of another jam this year.  It really has been a pleasure using this web site to communicate amongst the world from the hallowed halls of Deadstein, to give those who wish they were there as taste of what they are missing week in and week out.  And for those that are fortunate enough to be there, Deadstein.com com has served as a way to remember what happened, because if you are there, you know it's not easy.  Look at Scott, he can barely stay up.   It's rough in the vortex.   Happy New Year To All!