Caroll's 41st Street


A full band with a full night and nothing really went too wrong.

Tefillin Ken was the only early guest as he played guitar for the first couple songs as we were getting our act together.  I played a little drums for Come Together and Andy played them for the Fire on the Mountain.  He was good.  The only other guest was some 25 year old sound guy, Chris I believe,  who was working for some unknown musician on the third floor that everyone seemed to know but me.  Anyway he heard us from afar and came in and hung out and listened for a little while.  Seemed to dig us.  He was a pretty major Head who could only catch them at the tail.  He saw 50 shows in 1994, now that's desperate.

Larry has his new EMG prefab pickguard/pickup combo and he was howling notes out for that thing after he arrived a little late.  He had the David Gilmoure setup and we played Another Brick in the Wall Jam in honour of it but he didn't partake.  I thought it had some good moments.  Time will tell with his new pickups as it does with all stuff like that.  Speaking of which, I was playing my old 79 Strat for the first time in a while with an abbreviated effects setup.  It's the first time I didn't have my midi for a while.

Mexicali had a terrible transition and some bad parts but when it worked it was good.  I liked most of the music for the night.  We were in the reverberating first floor studio but it wasn't ear piercing loud, even though I did see Rich put up a music stand in a feeble attempt to ward off the onslaught of Trister's guitar.  Scott ended up on my side as Dave was on Andy's to his chagrin.   Finally the PA was nicely placed behind Tommy B. for easy adjustment although it wasn't sounding good.

I locked my car keys in my car in the lot and missed a few songs while I dealt with that and Johnny can attest I'm quite a dealer.  We looked for Scott to give him a ride home but never found him.  I hope he got home.  We had thunder storms on the way home with some nice lightning.  Chinese food before hand was quite good and Kevin's back didn't make it through the end.

Till next Thursday