Caroll's 41st Street


A small night a Carolls with Dave on Bass, one drummer, 2 guitars and no keys. Almost a solo act from a Deadstein perspective.

It was a samll night at Carolls without a guest in the room although we did see a couple of famous people before we got there.   We had to wait a little for the very petite Susan Lucci to get done with our room and while we were waiting for here to strut her pretty little ass, which it was, out of there, Elvis Costello refused to listen to Scott and play a Ship of Fools with us.   Who could blame him?  Fame aside, it was only Larry brent, Scott, Dave on Bass, Banjo doing his thing and I so it was small. 

I had the place wired to the hilt once again as I did the 8-track taping again which seemed to come out just fine.  Hopefully I don't pick up too much rattling of the fluorescents from Dave playing overly low.  Considering all the time it takes me to set up and take down, we did play 18-20 songs so it's still a lot of playing in the Band. Gotto to go, missed everyone who wasn't there.

Till next.   God Bless America