Caroll's 41st Street


A fare-the-well jam for Tefillin Ken at Caroll's without Larry or Trister.

Another small night with the big guns of Trister and Larry missing, but Rich was back for the first time in a while and who else was there Teffiliin but "To-Fill-In" Ken. We won't be able to say that anymore as his manifest destiny draws him back west to the windy city.  His presence will be greatly missed but at least he got to exploit the night and his nickname Tefillin for the entire night with a classic Carrol's strat.  Bill Sloan was the only guest who got to play just one song for the late arriving Dave.

There was no taping as I was recovering from my first bout with gout, but at least the green copper metal-poisoning I experience from my own guitar playing washes off.  Kevin almost scared me to death.  Now I know I turn green when I play hard.  I'm like the Incredible hulk.

It was humerous how Kevin condensed 3 verses into his first verse of the Devil and kept going to the break after every verse.  We had a few mess-ups where we weren't In-Synch and we fell apart, but we are a "Freak band" and not a "boy band"

Speaking of which, Freaky Delta-Forces today pulled off operation "Pseudo Freedom" by assalting the 6th floor TV studios where our equipment was being held hostage.  Most was recovered with only a few small casualties but a great job by Rich, Tom and Kevin in pulling off the mission and rescuing our stuff.

Till next I'm when I'm not sure.