Carroll's 55th Street


Jerry's Day of Passing with Andy's Birthday Being Celebrated

We had Andy's birthday from yesterday to be thankful for on this day when we remember Jerry's all-to-early passing closing out two jams during the Days Between. Playing last week on August 1 and this week on August 9 completed the circle in perfect harmony which I don't think we ever experienced before.

This week we had Lee and Mitch on drums. Unfortunately, due to the switching of wires and channels, I screwed up the recording and only got Mitch's overhead mic so the 2 kicks are separated but the Mitch's overhead is centered. Kevin was stereo with his Rickenbacker as he was sporting new identical amps in the room. Andy had a nicely working pedal board this week with his Strat, seemed to have no issues and I had my typical Red Strat and Rich had his usual keyboard. All sounded pretty good if not a bit to loud and saturated. Shakedown's lethargy was a low point but it was followed by a nice Let It Grow which hyped us right back up. In commemoration of Andy's 60th birthday we tried to pull off a 60-hit Beat It On Down the Line, I think it ended up being 61 hits, with one for good luck, but at least we moved into the song from there without making too big of a Deal of it. We performed a moving Broken Arrow for Robbie Robertson who we just found out passed away that very same day in 2023, the same day Jerry passed. Hopefully he jammed a nice toon with Jerry that night?

Andy left after the Wharf Rat, we took a break and resumed with Death Don't Have No Mercy to hammer a nail into the coffin so often being referenced. Brother and Sisters placed finding buddy over the nail holes, but was well done. I think we did a really nice islandesque Love In the Afternoon as we embarked on some new simpler, "Take the A-Train" types of chords and it felt a bit more comfortable. We were gaining momentum toward the end of the night as Mitch with this Coffee-Boy moniker just never quits. The Thrill is Gone is moving, harking us back to our Terez days and the audacity to try to close with the Help Slip Franklins, with One guitar proved to be a challenge we answered with authority and pulled it off like a prom dress.

Freak Out!