Carroll's 55th Street


A Mobius Band Is All Top

For the first time since the big kerfuffle, Andy has been able to make it back and join us again. In addition, we have had 2 drummers for the first time. The band was back together making big music seem even bigger. It all sounded great for the first set when Andy left at 10pm. It's gonna take him some time to get his full jamming legs back under him but he was sounding good like he hadn't lost a step. Likewise, having two drummers to back the band while Kevin had his improved Rickenbacker plucking up a stop.

By the time the second half arrived, bother Drew and Andy left. Like a prophet on the burning shore, Drew was off to California with the family in just a few hours. This left the for of us to continue to work on the setlist we are preparing to perform at Stu upcoming memorial party in Springfield, NJ. We are definitely getting more comfortable and better at all of these tunes. Wr should have them ready for that Saturday show in just a few days.

Freak Out!